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Android studio version 3.6+ Released

The latest version of the android studio i.e 3.6 and higher in the stable channel is released in last few months. This major release include variety of new features and improvements.

This new version of the android studio brings bug fixes, build speed improvement, and add new features.

Following are some new features introduced into this version :

Split code / design editor view
            Design editors, such as the Layout Editor and Navigation Editor, now provide a Split view that enables you to see both the Design and Code views of your UI at the same time. To enable split view, click the Split icon  in the top-right corner of the editor window.

 Resource Manager updates               The Resource Manager now supports most resource types and includes improved filter and search options. View Binding                View binding provides compile-time safety when referencing views in your code. You can now replace findViewById() with the auto-generated binding class reference. To start …

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